For Evaluation of Current State of Cancer Clinical Trials in Canada


Canadian Cancer Research Alliance (CCRA)

The CCRA is an alliance of organizations that collectively funds most of the cancer research conducted in Canada – research that will lead to better ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer and improve survivor outcomes. Its members include federal research funding programs/agencies, provincial research agencies, provincial cancer care agencies, cancer charities, and other voluntary associations. The CCRA is motivated by the belief that, through effective collaboration, Canadian cancer research funding organizations can maximize their collective impact on cancer control and accelerate discovery for the ultimate benefit of Canadians affected by cancer. The CCRA is a non-legal entity but is governed by a Board of selected members that provides a decision-making function and is guided by terms of reference. The CCRA Board guides the CCRA membership in achieving commitments articulated in the pan-Canadian Strategy for Cancer Research.

Pan-Canadian Cancer Research Strategy

In 2010, the CCRA completed an ambitious plan to develop the first-ever pan-Canadian cancer research strategy. Published in May of that year, this strategy was developed in consultation with research funding agencies, researchers, clinicians, patients, survivors, the public, and policy makers. The document, grounded in the strengths of the Canadian cancer research community and highly connected to emerging priorities in the international research landscape, provided a framework to guide cancer research investment in Canada. It set as its agenda new collaborations between research funding agencies and created a five-year vision for Canadian cancer research achievement.


This RFP is being issued by the Partnership, on behalf of the CCRA to achieve the following objectives by March 31st 2019:

  • Conduct an evaluation of the current state of cancer clinical trials in Canada, including:
    • an assessment of the impact and influence of the Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network (3CTN)
    • end user evaluation of
    • current state assessment of the influence of the current cancer trials land-scape, including CTG on patient care and outcomes
  • Identify recommendations, which will strengthen cancer clinical trials in Canada, including specific recommendations that address CCRA’s role in terms of the clinical trials landscape and the Partnership’s role as a current and major funder of 3CTN, and its accountability for and role in the oversight and management of
  • Prepare a final report on the future state of cancer clinical trials in Canada, which synthesizes the information gathered, shows how the cancer clinical trials landscape has changed since the early 2000s, and provides guidance on how to achieve a robust, future-proofed cancer clinical trials system, which benefits cancer patients and contributes to the evidence base and broader cancer control system in Canada.

Proponents should reference this RFP number (RFP No. RP801-2018-03) in the subject line of their correspondence.

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RFP No. RP801-2018-03


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July 31, 2018

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