For Consulting Services to conduct Detailed Data Analysis and Modelling to Support an Integrated Dashboard Project

As the steward of the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control, the Partnership works with partners to reduce the burden of cancer on Canadians. Our partner network – cancer agencies, health system leaders and experts, and people affected by cancer – brings a wide variety of expertise to every aspect of our work. After 10 years of collaboration, we are accelerating work that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the cancer control system, aligning shared priorities and mobilizing positive change across the cancer continuum.

From 2017-2022, our work is organized under five themes in our Strategic Plan: quality, equity, seamless patient experience, maximize data impact, sustainable system. The Partnership continues to support the work of the collective cancer community in achieving our shared 30-year goals: a future in which fewer people get cancer, fewer die from cancer and those living with the disease have a better quality of life. The Partnership was created by the federal government in 2006 to move the Strategy into action and receives ongoing funding from Health Canada to continue leading the Strategy with partners from across Canada.

The Partnership has begun an initiative to implement an integrated dashboard reporting system. Two initial projects are currently underway;

  1. A Master Data Analysis project to identify key data, process and system gaps that will be required to support the integrated dashboard reporting implementation;
  2. A technical assessment analysis of the Microsoft Power BI tool

As a follow-on from the Master Data Analysis work, the Partnership requires the consulting services of a vendor to assist with detailed data analysis and modelling to support the implementation of an integrated dashboard reporting system. The work will focus on collecting the data requirements and developing the approach for the Partnership to collect data and populate dashboard reports to its various internal & external audiences. A high-level release schedule of dashboard reports can be found in Appendix D. Dashboard releases 1 through 3 are in scope.

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June 27, 2018

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