Patient synthesis map about cancer diagnosis

Review a synthesis map that shows the stages of cancer diagnosis from the patient’s perspective based on three areas: remote, rural and urban

This synthesis map shows the process of diagnosis from the patient’s perspective from before, through to the complex aspects of a typical cancer diagnosis. Colon, Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and lung cancers are used to represent all cancers.

synthesis map of patient's experience of cancer diagnosis

The patient experience is shown with three personas:

  1. George, who lives in a remote location and is diagnosed with colon cancer
  2. Tracey, who lives in a small town and is diagnosed with lymphoma
  3. Veronica, who lives in a big city and is diagnosed with lung cancer

The map illustrates that many patients find cancer diagnosis to be maze-like, with unknown steps and procedures. Patients take steps one at a time and life one day at a time, with little chance to understand the full experience.

Every cancer diagnosis challenges each person existentially. However, people who live remotely tend to be affected greatly by delays and anxiety. Far-away appointments often mean a long time travelling for patients as well as those who accompany them. Those patients and their caregivers are also concerned about significant vehicle and personal expenses.

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