Video for clinicians about patient-reported outcomes

Watch this video to learn how patient-reported outcomes help healthcare teams deliver care that’s more person-centred, responsive and efficient

This video explains the benefits of patient-reported outcomes or PROs. PROs capture key indicators of a patient’s experience, like physical symptoms, mental health, emotional wellness and more. PROs are administered electronically at a computer station or on a mobile device, or by paper and pencil during patient visits.

Collection of PROs offers healthcare teams real-time information and helps prioritize health concerns that matter most to the patient.

The Partnership funded the Patient Experiences and Outcomes initiative to make the patient experience across the cancer journey more person-centred. The initiative aimed to have all participating Canadian regions measure and report the patient experience by 2017. Those standardized assessment tools will help guide person-centred care and any needed interventions.

Watch the video for clinicians about patient-reported outcomes