Using hockey to understand leukemia treatment and recurrence (Geoff’s story)

In this video, Geoff talks about being diagnosed with leukemia at 22 and then having to deal with its recurrence at age 25

Watch as Geoff talks about using hockey terms to better understand his treatment and learning to take control of whatever he could. He also talks about fear.

Geoff shares his reaction to his second diagnosis as well as infertility. Also, he talks about trying to understand his cancer journey by asking “Why me?”.

Geoff lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland. He is married and has two daughters. He is the founder of Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC).

The first time I got sick with cancer there was no doubt that I was going to get through it. In my mind, I really believed that. The second time I got sick, I did not believe that at all. My foundation of confidence was eroded basically by the recurrence. But I think I learned a lesson. I learned many, but I learned a big lesson because I hadn’t learned to slow down.

I think at some level my second cancer diagnosis was teaching me to slow down because I was not very good at that.

Watch the video of Geoff talking about surviving leukemia twice

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