Food provision: Local, provincial and territorial regulation of private sector nutrition policies

Learn how local, provincial and territorial governments can increase healthy eating by regulating private sector nutrition policies

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Private sector nutrition policies


Food provision


Private sector nutrition policies 1

  • provide support and training systems to help private sector food service providers meet and create healthy food service policies and guidelines 1
  • engage retailers and caterers to improve availability, affordability and acceptability of healthier food products 2

Degree of policy adoption*

Provinces and territories: LOW
31 Canadian municipalities:** LOW

Current action(s) in Canada

Provinces and territories

No provincial or territorial private sector nutrition policies were found.

31 Canadian municipalities**

None of the 31 municipalties in the Directory have implemented nutrition policies focused on the private sector.

Opportunities for action

As local, provincial and territorial healthy food policies are implemented, engagement with retailers and suppliers to assist the public and private sectors with compliance will be needed.1,3

* Levels of adoption:  LOW = very few jurisdictions have adopted evidence-informed policy action; MEDIUM = some, but not all jurisdictions have adopted evidence-informed policy action; HIGH = most jurisdictions have adopted evidence-informed policy action.

** Prevention Policies Directory captures information for 31 Canadian municipalities (18 largest municipalities in Canada, and at least 1-2 largest municipalities in all other provinces/territories).


1 Vanderlee L, Goorang S, Karbasy K, Schermel A, L’Abbe M. Creating healthier food environments in Canada: Current policies and priority actions – Summary report. Toronto; University of Toronto, 2017.

2 World Health Organization (2013). Global action plan for the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases:

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