Trying to find support during treatment for breast cancer (Tina’s story)

In this video, Tina talks about trying to find support during her breast-cancer treatment and her reactions to her body’s changes

Watch as Tina describes her reaction to her breast-cancer diagnosis when she was 41-years-old. She talks about making treatment decisions and seeking support.

Tina works as an Administration Manager for subsidized housing for First Nations. She is married with five children.

I knew it was a battle that I was going through. Everything else in my life before, I felt like I had somewhat of a control. I could go to somebody and say, ‘OK, I need it to stop,’ and I knew how to eventually cope with that. But this one, I felt like I had no control over it at all. I couldn’t stop what was happening to me.

Watch the video of Tina talking about her reactions to breast cancer and trying to find support

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