Cervical cancer screening in Canada: 2021/2022

Follow-up after an abnormal Pap test

Result letters are sent to participants and/or primary care providers after an abnormal screening result. Five jurisdictions send follow-up notifications to both participants and primary care providers. Four jurisdictions follow-up with primary care providers only, while one jurisdiction follows-up with participants only.

Follow-up after an abnormal Pap test

P/T Result letter to PCP from lab Result letter to participant Reminder letter to PCP Reminder letter to participant
abnormal results only

Facilitated referral to local colposcopy clinic. First reminder sent to colposcopy clinic, second reminder to PCP.
High grades where no follow up has occurred

High grades where no follow up has occurred
SK PCP receives results electronically from lab Letter and/or telephone communication sent to physicians if follow up has not occurred within guideline recommendations
For all high-grade Pap test results; sent if necessary for low-grade Pap where follow-up has not occurred
When follow up testing is overdue, based on NB CPGs

Sent 6 -12 months after PCP follow up correspondence is sent, if no follow up is completed
Reminder letters mailed to PCP when it appears that a patient with a significant abnormality has not been appropriately managed

PE: *Primary care providers receive results and reminders for follow up if follow up was not initiated after 3/6, 9, 12, 21 months from lab. Participants for cervical cancer screening of provincial pap clinics receive result letter.