Primary care tools supporting adolescent and young adult cancer survivors

Primary care providers may not see adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer survivors often, but when they do, these two just-in-time tools have been developed to help providers connect their AYA patients to further resources and support

Findings from the Experiences of Cancer Patients in Transition Study shows that cancer survivors face physical, emotional and practical concerns after treatment, and that a high proportion of them did not seek help or did not receive adequate support for their concerns.

Improving the coordination and integration of cancer programs and primary care, as well as raising primary care provider awareness of the needs of cancer survivors have been identified as important priorities.

In 2020 the Partnership asked adolescent and young adult cancer survivors (AYAs) attending the Young Adult Cancer Canada conference to share their primary care experiences after cancer treatment. AYAs want their primary care providers to be more proactive in helping them understand and manage their health after completing cancer treatment.

To help fill this gap, the Partnership drew on what the AYAs reported, and in collaboration with a Cancer Survivorship and Mental Health Working Group, developed two just-in-time knowledge mobilization tools for primary care providers to increase their awareness of the self-reported needs of AYAs. A case study and a top AYA issues resource are intended to increase primary care provider awareness about the post-treatment needs of AYA cancer survivors. The knowledge mobilization tools include pre-populated national and accessible resources to help primary care providers connect their patients to further support. Tool templates have also been created to ensure that providers can edit and add resources and supports that are relevant in local contexts.

To further support primary care provider awareness of the unique post-treatment needs of adolescent and young adult cancer survivors, a digital video for primary care providers was created. As a primary care provider, you can make important connections for your patients’ life after cancer. Talk about it – Connect!

Downloadable content

To edit and add your own local and national resources and supports, please contact us at to request an editable version of the tool templates.