Practical advice about cancer care in rural communities

In this video, Dr. Esther Tailfeathers gives practical advice about healthcare during the cancer journey for people in remote communities

Watch as Dr. Esther Tailfeathers, a family physician in Alberta, offers advice about healthcare during the cancer journey for doctors working with people in rural and northern communities.

I think they make the decision not to come in because they’re afraid of what the process is. So if the process was actually more transparent and they knew – ok, it’s not going to be that bad, then they may choose to come in early for the screening because they know something’s wrong. And we’ve had a number of elderly people in the last year who have died because they just haven’t been in for the screening process.

As corny as it sounds, education is really important and sharing what you know, sharing your knowledge base, sharing your procedural skills with people who are allowed to carry those things on is really important and it’s cheap.

Watch Dr. Esther Tailfeathers talk about ways to offer healthcare across the cancer journey in rural and remote communities