Join the dialogue on the future of cancer control in Canada

Discussion paper released on proposed strategic direction beyond 2012

As the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer nears the end of its first 5-year mandate, it began a consultation process with stakeholders to help identify innovative ways to collaborate to further our progress in advancing Canada’s cancer control strategy. The Future of Cancer Control in Canada discussion paper consolidates partner input and lessons learned to share knowledge more efficiently. It also highlights the need for sustained action through a pan-Canadian collaborative model and identifies potential opportunities to build on existing efforts to continue to accelerate cancer control in Canada.

“While it will take decades to achieve the full scope of our national cancer control strategy, the work underway, and its positive impacts only four years into the first mandate are compelling evidence of the extraordinary power of collaboration,” said Jessica Hill, Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. “We are delighted to share this paper with the cancer control community. It is intended to encourage dialogue on key cancer control priorities to help shape an approach that will deepen our collective ability to reduce the impact of cancer for all Canadians.”

In the coming months, the Partnership will work with stakeholders to refine and prioritize the proposed outcomes and opportunities. As part of that process, we invite you to review the discussion paper. The accompanying consultation questions  can be used to guide your review. Written feedback may be submitted to by May 1, 2011.