Learn what the Partnership and our partners across Canada are doing to support the health system and cancer community during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 virus has created a challenging public health situation in Canada. Federal, provincial, territorial and municipal governments, and frontline health workers are working hard to manage the prevention, screening and treatment of the virus, and it is important that all people across Canada follow protocols advised by the Public Health Agency of Canada and their regional medical officers of health during this time.

The virus is a significant concern for people going through cancer treatment, and for some who have had cancer treatment in the past, as they may have compromised immune systems. As a result of the pandemic, several jurisdictions across Canada have started rescheduling cancer treatments in order to ensure appropriate healthcare resources are available to manage COVID cases. These delays to cancer treatments are being done with extreme caution and thoughtfulness to ensure that any change in the timing of a procedure does not put the patient’s life at risk.

The Partnership is working closely with our partners across the country to continue to examine leading practices being utilized in Canada and internationally to manage cancer services, while ensuring that resources are made available in our health system to address COVID-19.