As the steward of the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control, our ability to effect change is driven by all of our partnerships.

We work with partners across the country to identify and address priority issues impacting the equity, quality, sustainability and seamlessness of the system for patients with cancer or at high-risk of getting cancer.

All of our partners contribute to planning, implementing and evaluating Partnership-led initiatives that drive the Strategy forward. The Partnership engages with partners in four key ways:

How we work - May 2017

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer works with Canada’s cancer control community on many different fronts, with an emphasis on knowledge mobilization, to ensure the evidence that is gathered is scaled-up to maximize positive change across the country and reduce the impact of cancer for all Canadians. Our collaborative approach is inclusive of the patient voice, and strives to minimize the disparities for First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities, as well as rural and remote, and socioeconomically disadvantaged populations.

Our partnerships are also expanding, recognizing that cancer patients receive care before and after they are treated for their cancer, with critical and unmet needs for support and informed, timely care in their home and their communities.