Partnership is at the heart of what we do.

As steward of the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control, we work closely with a wide range of partners — across the country’s health and cancer community and at all levels of government — to design and implement initiatives that advance shared pan-Canadian priorities. Our support includes funding, skills, resources and evidence to help partners develop sustainable solutions, take action and improve cancer outcomes.

We continue to evolve and improve our support to partners, and to strengthen ongoing collaboration with federal, provincial and territorial governments and pan-Canadian healthcare partners.

As a partner, we:

Empower change
Support the generation and application of new evidence and care models that contribute to positive health outcomes and lasting system change.

Share knowledge
Gather and share evidence to fuel cancer care innovation and forge connections that spur real and meaningful change.

Bring together people and organizations from across the country to share what works and identify opportunities for collective action.

Identify emerging issues and adapt our funding and implementation efforts to focus where our support is most needed.