Since 2007: Our history and ongoing collaborations towards national cancer control, better experiences.

The Partnership evolved from the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control— Canada’s first national cancer control plan that was drafted by a volunteer-driven coalition of cancer experts, patients and survivors who advocated successfully for its funding.

The coalition’s vision for a coordinated, pan-Canadian strategy led the federal government to announce the creation of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, which began operations in April 2007 with $250 million in government funding. The federal government created the Partnership with an initial five-year mandate to implement this national cancer control strategy, as well as to assess whether this model was an effective model in improving cancer control in Canada.

The Partnership’s second five-year mandate began on April 1, 2012 and focused on the cancer control community’s shared priorities for 2012 to 2017, as documented in the organization’s strategic plan, Sustaining Action Toward a Shared Vision.

In March 2016, the federal government announced ongoing funding for the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. The Partnership’s next phase focuses on the work outlined in our strategic plan: We See Progress, The Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control: 2017-2022. The plan builds on the collaborative approach of our work and outlines themes—quality, equity, seamless patient experience, maximize data impact and sustainable system—to anchor the next five years of action on cancer.